Glen Waverley Project

Glen Waverley project

A stunning contemporary design with tiered landscaping to lead you through a lush multi level garden. The use of raw materials of concrete, stone and powder coated steel in contrast to the rich greenery, creates a vibrant impact upon entrance. The walk ways are lined with various outdoor lighting, creating an impressive feature to the levels of stone and decking that surround the pool and spa. Not only did the property have a challenging slope to work with, but also required a large excavation process to achieve the desired depth. Resulting in adequate drainage and soil profile for planting to ensure the longevity of this green oasis.

Designer: Plume Studio

Builder: Thomas Archer

Photographer: Mitch Lyons

CLS_Landscaping GlenWaverly_15StirlingCres
CLS_Landscaping GlenWaverly_15StirlingCres
CLS_Landscaping GlenWaverly_15StirlingCres
CLS_Landscaping GlenWaverly_15StirlingCres_036

CLS_Landscaping GlenWaverly_15StirlingCres_171
CLS_Landscaping GlenWaverly_15StirlingCres_266
CLS_Landscaping GlenWaverly_15StirlingCres_257

CLS_Landscaping GlenWaverly_15StirlingCres_245
CLS_Landscaping GlenWaverly_15StirlingCres_227
CLS_Landscaping GlenWaverly_15StirlingCres_156

CLS_Landscaping GlenWaverly_15StirlingCres_288
CLS_Landscaping GlenWaverly_15StirlingCres_159
CLS_Landscaping GlenWaverly_15StirlingCres_329

CLS_Landscaping GlenWaverly_15StirlingCres_321